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Musical Memorializations in the Urban Space of Berlin


This project investigates musical memorializations of Nazi period resistance and persecution in Berlin. It is a study of the trajectories of musical memorialization in both East and West Berlin before and after the fall of the Wall, as well as an examination of the implications of these memorializations for Berlin’s post-Cold War memoryscape. The project focuses on three interrelated issues:



  • The historical trajectories of musical memorialization as represented in the differing formative experiences of memory construction across the East/West divide.

  • Dominant and marginalized narratives of memory construction, reflected in the contrasting practices of different (official or subcultural) agents of musical memorializations in East and West.

  • The inscription of musical memory in the materiality of the city.

Research takes place in the methodological and theoretical framework of ethnomusicology, but also contributes to the fields of memory studies, urban studies and the anthropology of space.

Researcher: Sidney König